Latest news

EU: First version of EMDN nomenclature available

The EU published the first version of EMDN nomenclature (1.0.0) online. Suggestions for the English translations of the Italian terms can be submitted until 4th June 2021.

EU: UDI helpdesk available

The EU has made the UDI helpdesk available; this will provide information for actors who require support regarding the implementation of UDI obligations. Answers to frequently asked questions are available and users can submit their own questions. The site is currently available in English, Spanish, French and German.

EU: New MDCG position paper on UDIs for contact lenses, spectacle frames, spectacle lenses and ready readers

The MDCG has published position paper MDCG 2021-9, which is intended to clarify the UDI requirements for contact lenses, spectacle frames, spectacle lenses and ready readers. This document expands on the existing, available position paper on UDI assignment for spectacle lenses and ready readers dated December 2020 (MDCG 2020-18).

EU: New MDCG guidance on documents for clinical investigation applications in accordance with the MDR

The MDCG has published guidance document MDCG 2021-8, which contains specifications for the required application documents for clinical investigations in accordance with the MDR. This step was necessary because it is currently not yet possible to submit an application via EUDAMED as actually intended.

On 26th May 2021, the Federal Ministry of Health issued the announcement regarding the transition to full EUDAMED functionality, as required in accordance with Section 97 MPDG; it was published on 28th May 2021 in the Federal Gazette.

Germany: MPI becomes DMIDS

The previous national database of medical devices, the German Medical Devices Information System (MPI), has, as of the date of application of the MDR, been renamed the German Medical Devices Information and Database System (DMIDS). Its function (and some of the terminology within the database) will initially remain predominantly unchanged and will be adjusted gradually.

EU: New guidance document for the "clinical evaluation assessment report template"

The MDCG has issued a guidance document with a template for the evaluation report issued by notified bodies regarding the clinical evaluation of manufacturers (MDCG 2020-13).

Although the template is primarily intended for notified bodies, it also details the minimum content specified for the clinical evaluation tests; manufacturers should take into account this information when performing clinical evaluations and creating corresponding plans and reports.

EU: Explanations regarding the incident form

The EU has published explanatory information regarding the new incident form in a "Questions and Answers" document.