Because safety comes first

Benefit from our years of experience in the field of occupational safety. We are also more than happy to take on the range of tasks performed by an occupational safety specialist for you.

Occupational safety for life sciences and medical technology

We offer consultation and services relating to occupational safety for the medical technology sector. As experts in management systems, we can optimally integrate requirements and solutions into your corporate structures.

Benefit from our combined expertise in management systems and occupational safety.

Safety-related support

Safety-related support
We are more than happy to provide your organisation with an occupational safety specialist. We provide you with practically oriented advice and ensure that you not only comply with all legal requirements, but also provide safe workplaces by optimising working conditions, thereby improving employee satisfaction and motivation. We offer support and advice on the following topics:

  • Assessing working conditions (hazard assessments). Our extensive experience in the medical technology and life sciences sectors mean that we are able to take into account all relevant legal regulations, such as the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety (BetrSichV), German Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV), German Ordinance on Biological Substances (BioStoffV), and many more.
  • Occupational safety and accident prevention in all occupational safety-related fields, including designing work to suit employees
  • Establishing a practically based occupational safety organisation specific to your company
  • Acquiring technical equipment and introducing working procedures and working materials
  • Designing workplaces, work sequences, working environments and other ergonomics-related elements
  • Planning, implementing and maintaining operating facilities
Occupational safety and health management systems

When it comes to occupational safety and health management, if you want to achieve more than "just" compliance with legally required framework conditions, why not make use of our expertise in establishing and implementing comprehensive occupational safety and health protection management systems?

A management system of this kind enables the implementation of occupational safety measures, as well as the systematic monitoring and continued development of your occupational safety and health protection conditions. In this way, you can also make significant contributions to improving motivation among employees and optimising your work processes.

Our team combines specialist knowledge of occupational safety with expert knowledge of management systems. This means that we are also able to expand your existing QM system in line with integrated management systems to include a section on occupational safety and health protection, e.g. as per ISO 45001 or MAAS-BGW, in a way that is tailored to your practical needs.